Exile – Zip Disks & Floppies [Artwork x Tracklist]

Exile Zip Disks & Floppies

Producer extraordinaire Exile is on the cusp of dropping a new project. Ex explains the project well himself which you can read below and below that is the tracklist. The LP drops on September 3rd.

“When I was 15 years old, before the internet, before the existence of state of the art beat making programs that quantize or add effects, my first beat was conceived using two tape decks and a turntable, followed with beats from a single push button sampler and 4-track, progressively moving up to a Roland MS1, and of course the MPC 2000. Stacks upon stacks of floppy disks saved my beats, sometimes even using 2-6 floppies for one beat. Now my beats are created using a MPC2000 XL and a zip drive capable of holding up to 15 beats, but with only 10 left I’m left with a promise to myself that it is time to upgrade to a new machine to make beats. These beats are joints I had laying around that were never used, but it’s still heat. Bang these beats loud as we near the end of my beats on the MPC 2000 XL.”

01. Let It Begin
02. For the Kids
03. Walk on By
04. Stalker
05. Lu Lu Bye
06. Funk-K
07. Give It All You Got
08. Never Stop Loving
09. My People (Bebop)
10. Mr. E Groove
11. Drums in the Sky
12. The Score
13. Swingle

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