MAK BTCHZ – 460 [EP Stream]


Let me explain this one. MAK BTCHZ is a parodic alter ego of PackFM. If you listen to their podcast, you will remember the idea of a joke rap project coming up where he would make a hilariously done EP on $4.60 worth of beats. This is a good testament to how bad a lot of this similar sounding popular rap music is because for one, this EP was made in one night. MAK BTCHZ is also a member of #Commagang with his nigga Trapazoyd (Tonedeff). They made it a running joke tying into their recent Megashow and the Comma Gang kidnapped the entire QN5 roster but they all escaped just in time to perform. Comma Gang rocked a couple songs at the show too. You can buy this EP for $4.60 or you can stream it. “Fukkin In Da Club” is also incredibly catchy, it could spark some hype for these dudes haha.