Joey Bada$$ Sits Down With Buckshot (Video)

I love how Joey Bada$$ is so close with the Duckdown team and in this video, him and co-owner of Duckdown and legendary rhymer Buckshot hit the boardwalk in Coney Island to discuss some things. On a similar topic, just want to throw out how Joey is way to entitled. I love the kid’s music but I catch him on Twitter complaining about not getting airplay anymore on Hot97, how the city has no love for him etc. He hasn’t done too much, he’s got too solo projects under his belt one where he didn’t even rap over original beats. You haven’t done too much yet Joey, stay fucking patient and keep making music. It’s honestly shocking that he’s even as popular he is considering the boom bap, golden era reminiscent sound that he embodies.

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