Joe Blow – Street Life (Video)

Off his upcoming album Check A Real Nigga Out Tho, which is due to drop September 10th.

Admittedly, “Street Life” isn’t the type of track I want to hear from Joe Blow right now, as it sounds too much like what we already got on both Been Grindin’ and Blow, which were both released this year. Although he’s on pace to release 3 lengthy albums in a single year, it’s almost like Joe Blow might just be bored with rapping, and at this point might be releasing albums strictly as a side hustle for himself without much concern for the quality — a common trend among Bay Area artists.

Most of his fans let out a collective sigh of relief when it became clear that his Actavis habit didn’t mess up his lyrical wit or his technical skill (not slurring his raps) on the mic. But with his next album potentially being a continuation of Blow/Been Grindin’, we could very well be seeing the unfortunate beginning of Joe Blow’s decline. I definitely have some ridiculously high hopes for Blow, but I don’t doubt that he’s that talented either.


As a big fan of his music, I’m going to be staying optimistic for the time being.

But man do I have these doubts lingering..