Mikkey Halsted Changes Name to ‘Halsted’; Talks on New Project ‘Bulletproof Dreams’


In a FANTASTIC interview with TheSource, Mikkey Halsted, who is now going by just Halsted talked on a ton of things such as recording in Kanye’s bedroom, his former label situations, getting a masters degree in education, how he plans to help the Chicago gang violence that’s going on right now, and most importantly, his new project Bulletproof Dreams, which he assures us will drop in October. Read an exceprt of the article below, but I would defintely read the whole thing.

With each project you’ve put out, you’ve said that they’re a result of having to get something off your chest. And with Bulletproof Dreams on the horizon what else is on your chest?

Really, right now, it’s time to go for history and compete with the greats. A lot of people called Castro a classic. Right now, it’s about raising the bar. Bulletproof Dreams is about letting people know, “Don’t let anybody ever kill your dreams. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, let your dreams live on.” Just like Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream didn’t die with him. Castro wrote this speech called “History Will Absolve Me.” I’m not doing it to make a club record. I’m doing it for the record books, bar for bar, song for song.

What can we expect as far as features and production?

I want to get Pusha-T on this project. Me and J.Cole just talked about doing some work together. Producer wise I’m really rocking with No I.D. and he has a producer signed to him called Trackmatic who I have a crazy vibe with. I’m working with Don Cannon really heavily. And I’ve been doing a lot of work with Million $ Mano. It’s gonna be really Chicago produced.

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