Earl Swavey – Business Before Pleasure (Mixtape)

The cover almost had me skip over this tape altogether, but Earl Swavey can REALLY get on a track and drop a hot chorus or verse at any time. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, you might have heard of Earl Swavey as a feature on Whokid Woody’s minor regional hit “Hit Yo Ricky,” which dropped Summer of last year. With a load of references to True Religion, Ralph Lauren, and various different sets/groups, the subject matter on this tape can really wear thin on listeners; this is perhaps most noticeable when the music starts to take some steps from the Chicago drill scene/GBE, which cause the tape to lose a lot of its appeal.

Swavey’s slick cadence on the mic is naturally captivating though, and he just seems at home when he’s going over this type of production — Southern California’s twist on the function/ratchet type of production. The tape was clearly made for that type of atmosphere, and when taking that into consideration, it’s not too bad. I don’t know how Swavey is going to do in the long run. or if he’ll be able to keep up with a constantly changing industry, but I can see him dropping some sleeper hits for the time being.

Also, I don’t care how formulaic the song “DTA” is, it’s catchy as hell.