Saturday, January 22, 2022

PremRock & Talpas – Saxophones Play

PremRock & Talpas

In 2011 US rapper PremRock visited Czech Republic for the first time. Back then, in Oliver Lowe’s studio, he wrote his verse for the track Money, Bullshit, Life, Smile and that was the moment he first heard the beats coming out of Talpas’s MPC. That same year he came back and during a few shows he got to know Talpas personally. From that originated the idea of working together. 2012 saw the release of the first single, Love Of The Drum, foreshadowing the sound and feeling of their project. Raw and direct, without any posh nonsense. During his last visit, PremRock layed down the vocals on four more tracks and recorded two more back home. It’s 2013 and the time has come! Chomutov 2 Brooklyn collaboration is ready to hit hard with their 7 track EP called Splendid.

It drops September 15th, this is one single.


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