Sunday, January 23, 2022

2 Chainz & The Weeknd’s First Week Album Sales Projections

kiss land front

For this week’s urban releases, it looks like Abel’s fanbase is going to propel him to some decent sales while Breast Man is looking at a HUGE dropoff from the first edition of his BOATS series. The Weeknd’s debut solo album Kiss Land is on pace to sell between 90-100k copies in it’s first week of being for retail sale while Breast Man’s BOATS 2: Me Time is on pace to sell nearly 100k less albums than BOATS sold in it’s first week by selling 55-65k. That has to be disappointing. Also, Janelle Monae is on pace to sell 45-50k with her new album The Electric Lady, which is really good numbers for her. Check back next week for the official numbers.

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