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MidaZ the BEAST – AU: Another Universe [Album Review]

AU Another Universe


The first that I heard of MidaZ the BEAST was his album El MidaZ Affair.  I thought that it was a very good album.  The most notable thing about it was MidaZ himself, namely that he killed it.  MidaZ is a special rapper; there aren’t very many these days that possess his level of skills.  His lyrics are raw, his rhyme schemes are intricate, his flow is literally always flawless, and he has the perfect voice and energy for a rapper of his type.  His name is totally fitting because he’s a BEAST on every track that he’s on.  In my opinion, he should be receiving just as much attention as Freddie Gibbs, who I view to be MidaZ’s “main stream” counterpart (due to his powerful voice, raw lyrics, and perfect flow).  Needless to say, when I discovered that he would be making an album this year, I was pretty excited for it.  As soon as it was released, I jumped on it, expecting an awesome dose of east coast hip hop, and that’s basically what I received.

It was a given that MidaZ would be great and he is.  His technical skills are still incredible and he still has interesting lyrics and subject matter.  When it comes to MidaZ, that’s all that he needs to be great.  He’s such a natural MC; it seems like he was born to rap.  If you listen to hip hop primarily for the rapping, I can tell you right now that you’ll probably like this album.  Also, if you like Kool G Rap, you’ll probably like this album.  MidaZ, from my perspective, is basically the modern day Kool G Rap.  Anyway, the bottom line is that his rapping on this album is consistently excellent.

The production on this album, unfortunately, is not as good as the rapping.  These beats were made by IMAKEMADBEATS, TzariZM, Oh No, Marco Polo, Paten Locke, BlakOut, Tough Junkie, and MidaZ himself.  There are some good names on that list, but most of the names are ones that I’m unfamiliar with.  It’s those ones who happen to produce almost the entire album.  I’ve witnessed many cases of unknown producers creating great hip hop beats, but this isn’t one of them.  These beats are pretty good, but they aren’t going to blow your mind.  Even as someone who’s obsessed with boom bap and east coast beats in general, I’m not crazy about these beats.  They’re good, but they’re very generic.  A few of them stand out, but most of them are just the same old boom bap beats that have been churned out time and time again this century.  I really wish that these beats were better because, if they were, this could be a great album.  Instead, the beats lower it down to just being a good album.  It’s unfortunate, but to look at the bright side, at least these beats aren’t bad or boring.  They could be worse, but they could also be better.

On the production side, I may wish this album were better, but it’s still decent.  Also, a lot of what quality would be lost due to the production is compensated for by MidaZ’s excellent skills on the mic.  Every song on this album is good, except for “After Hours,” which only isn’t good because it’s too long and dragged out.  The rest of the songs, however, range from good to very good.  Due to its consistency and reasonable 15 track length, this album is easy to listen to in one sitting.  It’s quite the enjoyable listen, too.  Nothing about it is pushing any boundaries of hip hop or exploring new territory, but it’s a nice, solid piece of modern day east coast hip hop.  To be honest, there have been some better east coast albums (that sound like east coast albums) released this year, such as Czarface, but that doesn’t mean that this album isn’t worth listening to.  In fact, I recommend it to all hip hop heads who are looking to expand their knowledge of current hip hop.  It’s not essential or anything like that, but it makes for an enjoyable listen.  I would recommend El MidaZ Affair over this album, but this is a good album, regardless.  If you like MidaZ’s earlier work and/or east coast hip hop, check it out.

Rating: 3.5/5

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