M.I.A. – Matangi (Artwork & Tracklist)


After a delay and a threaten to leak the whole album, MIA’s new album Matangi finally has a release date and with the artwork and tracklist for the album being released, I’d assume this is the official release date. According to the 15 song tracklist there are no features but some may appear later on closer to the release date.

EDIT: The full tracklist with features was released, and the only two features come from The Weeknd on ‘Exodus’ & ‘Sexodus’. Those should be good.

1. Karmageddon
3. Only 1 U
4. Warriors
5. Come Walk With Me
6. aTENTion
7. Exodus (Ft. The Weeknd)
8. Bad Girls
9. Boom Skit
10. Double Bubble Trouble
11. Y.a.l.a
12. Bring The Noize
13. Lights
14. Know It Ain’t Right
15. Sexodus (Ft. The Weeknd)

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