Thursday, January 20, 2022

Artist Spotlight: Michael O. (Exclusive Interview)

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Earlier this summer, I was thankfully blessed with Michael O.’s single ‘Take You Home’ to be in my inbox while I was checking my emails. After one listen I knew that Michael was an artist that Fashionably-Early needed to cover.

Michael O. appeared on the last season of NBC’s The Sing Off and lead his group to a second place finish on the show. After the show was completed, Michael hit the studio with JOHN HO (Boyz II Men, Flo-Rida, Cody Simpson) and Grammy-winning sound engineer, ADAM AYAN (Rolling Stones, Madonna, Foo Fighters) to record his debut EP In The Beginning. With co-signs like that and the music he’s making, you know he’s got something special with that EP.

I was fortunately able to get Michael to answer some questions for this exclusive Artist Spotlight. The interview below talks about the recording process of his new EP, NBC’s The Sing Off, and what’s coming next among other things. Below the interview, you can stream his whole debut EP In The Begginning, & also watch the music for my favorite song off the EP, ‘Breakdown’. Purchase the EP on iTunes here. And trust me, if you like R&B &/or Soul music, you’ll be wanting to pick up that EP.

Give our readers a short biography to introduce yourself

Hey guys! My name is Michael O, and I’m just releasing my first EP, called In the Beginning – it’s finally out now! Some people might know me from an NBC TV show I did called The Sing-Off.

What was it like performing on National TV every week on NBC’s The Sing Off?

It’s was cool! A lot of work, but also really chill! I would work 16 hour days but it didn’t feel like work because I was having a blast!

I saw you’re new EP ‘In the Beginning’ debuted #5 on the iTunes R&B charts. How did it feel to release your first EP & have such great success?

Honestly, it was hilarious and really shocking! I knew my mom would buy the EP, so I knew I had one guaranteed sale, but I never thought it would chart on iTunes! Being next to artists like Bruno Mars and John Legend was also crazy too, especially because my EP was independently released. It was just wild!

What was it like to work with producer JOHN HO (Boyz II Men, Flo-Rida, Cody Simpson) and Grammy-winning sound engineer, ADAM AYAN Rolling Stones, Madonna, Foo Fighters) on ‘In The Beginning’?

The cool thing about both John and Adam are that they are really relaxed people who love to work! It was really fun to collaborate and watch them work!

It was especially awesome to work with Adam because I got to learn so much about the mastering process! Plus, he’s a Grammy Award winner, so to be in the same room as him was incredible!

My favorite song off ‘In The Beginning’ was Breakdown. What was your favorite song from the EP?

It changes everyday. I love them all for different reasons. Every song was written and co-produced by me, and every song is really personal, so to me every song is special!

“Breakdown” is an interesting song. It literally took me eight minutes to write that song. That was a song that really wrote itself, so that’s awesome you like it!

Do you have any dream collaborations you wish to do?

There are so many people, but someone I would really love to work with is Kanye. This might sound crazy but I really respect him. He is fearless. I respect that and strive to have that freedom in my music.

What’s your take on signing to a major label? Would you rather grind out the independent way or sign to a major if the right deal comes to the plate?

I wanted to do this EP independently first just so I could see what I could do on my own.

But I’m kinda into taking things one day at a time! We will see what will happen, but as long as people are vibing to my music, I’m happy!

What’s coming next from you?

More promoting this EP. I’ve already started writing for a full-length album, and having a fun time doing it.

Anything else you feel our readers should know about you?

Yes, this six song EP is just $2.99, and part of the proceeds from EP sales are going to charity, which is really dope! You can get In the Beginning at iTunes and stores, and get more info on me at and!

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