Sage The Gemini Is Having A Huge Year & Nobody Seems To Be Paying Attention (Editorial)

Every year in music, we have those artists that make those huge records & everybody seems to talk about them. In the urban music scene, last year I think it would be universally acceptable to put Ca$h Out in that box. Ca$h Out got notorious attention for his breakout single ‘Cashin Out’ with the song peaking at #36 on the Billboard 100 & attaining platinum status. Don’t get me wrong, that is a pretty awesome platform for a debut single from an artist, but Sage The Gemini already has surpassed Ca$h Out’s success last year but it seems like nobody is paying attention.

Sage The Gemini is an artist based out of the Bay Area. He writes his own songs as well as does the beats for them. He’s closely affiliated with the HBK Gang (IAMSU!). Earlier this year, he signed to Republic Records and he put out his debut self-produced single ‘Gas Pedal’ with IAMSU!, and the song has blown up to say the least.

‘Gas Pedal’ has nearly 19 million views on YouTube since the music video was released, & the single is gold and is on pace to surpass platinum status by the end of the year. It reached number 29 on the Billboard 100 and is currently in it’s 13 week on the chart and it sits at number 39 right now. What’s pretty crazy is that the seven month old single is STILL climbing up the radio charts, as it moved up to number 12 on the rhythmic radio charts this week with 2,199 spins on that format.

What’s also crazy is that Sage also has his other self-produced single ‘Red Nose’ doing just as well on the charts as ‘Gas Pedal’. The song has produced nearly as many YouTube views as ‘Gas Pedal’ has (17 million as of today) despite it being up three less months than ‘Gas Pedal’. The single is not gold to my knowledge, but do not be surprised if it reaches that. The single is also doing well commercially with it peaking at number 54 on the Billboard 100. The song moved up to number 16 on the urban radio charts these week with it obtaining 1,537 spins on that platform alone.

Those two songs are the two highlights of his five song EP titled after his breakout single Gas Pedal EP, that was released on September 10th. As a digital only release, the EP has sold over 8,000 copies to date, but more impressively the EP collectively has surpassed 11 million streams since the EP’s September 10th release.

Even with ALL of that, Sage is getting little to no coverage online. It is crazy to me. He has arguably two of the biggest urban records that the Bay Area has produced recently to help put that area of bubbling talent on the map, but it is like the urban outlets are not accepting him. You go around to the ‘big blogs’ and barely any of them have posted about Sage.

Don’t get confused, I’m not even saying that Sage The Gemini is ‘saving hip-hop’, but you would think that somebody putting out two hit records (depending on who you ask) would get more attention then what he is getting. He put out two interesting and fun singles that are quite different than most ‘commercial’ records out right now that can help put the new Bay Area sound on the map. I sure as hell would not be opposed to hearing some records from Problem, IAMSU!, and all of them on the radio, and with Sage giving them an expanded outlet, you’d think he’d get more love. Maybe it is just my love for music out from California (even though I have never been there), but it just does not make sense to me.

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