Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Shady Blaze – Green Ova’s Most Hated (Mixtape)

Shady Blaze Green Ova's Most Hated


Here’s Shady Blaze’s latest release, Green Ova’s Most Hated. I hate to do this to Shady, but first thing you have to notice about this project is the incredible list of producers he’s got on this project; DJ Burn One, Al Jieh, BLVCKHXVRT, N-Pire Da Great, Zero Luck, BK Beats, Joey Bagadoughnuts, Jean Kengz, Frostbite Village, Sea Things, Famless. There’s definitely a few names on there that many people won’t recognize, but the Green Ova camp has one of the better ears for production in the industry right now, hands down.

Second thing that I noticed was the track “Another Dimension 2.0,” which is a callback to one of my favorite Shady Blaze tracks off his “The Grind, Hustle & Talent” mixtape from a while back. The stuff he does on 2.0 is absolutely ridiculous — it’s nothing new for Shady to rap fast over a track, but it’s still remarkable to hear him rap at an incredible pace like that. With a very limited amount of features on this tape, Shady Blaze will have to carry the bulk of this tape on his own, but it definitely seems like he’s ready to carry listeners through the 17 tracks on this project.

At a modest $5, this should be an insta-cop for anyone interested in hearing (and supporting) one of the better MCs the underground scene has to offer right now. The production on any Green Ova release is always solid, but the content on a Shady Blaze release is always at the very least thought provoking. Self-expression at its finest, Shady’s reality raps never lack depth, and they certainly shouldn’t lack an audience.


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