Wide Eyes & Phillip Morris – The Sick And The Dead (FreEP)

Wide Eyes & Phillip Morris

Wide Eyes and Phillip Morris have long discussed creating this record in their times trading bars across state lines: “The Sick and the Dead”, a true collaborative effort that is some of the rappers’ best work. With production from DJ Name, Dimitry Killstorm, DJ Corbett, & Herma Puma, the beats provide a solid backdrop from the moment the piano pounds of opening track “Back To Earth” hit. Also including a guest verse from Toki Wright and a few additional vocals from Lizzo, the album features Sean Anonymous’ tongue-twisting internal rhymes, Tony Phantom’s solid flows, and Phillip Morris’ breathless nerd boasts on every track of the seven song EP.

Lyrically playful, energetic, and full of great chemistry, “The Sick and the Dead” is a smooth listen front to back. Everyone’s trademark stage energy shines through, and it’s a fun, varied record. Fast-raps mingle with melodies and uplifting messages come with battle-influenced jabs and nods to pretty girls. Existing fans will be impressed, but they’re certain to gain some new ones with this album.