Trinidad James Rants In New York; Says Atlanta Runs New York (Video)

Last night, Trinidad James ranted while on stage at a Converse event and talked about everything from his purpose in life is to “take care of my mama and keep my shoe game on “30 million””, to dissing New York and saying Atlanta runs New York. Lets be real though, isn’t that true? If anyone but Trinidad said that I think everyone would agree. Read what Trinidad had to say on social media bout the event below.

I said a lot tonight in NY and people are prolly gonna take the negative and run with it but my main purpose in life only is to take care of my mama and keep my shoe game on “30 million” . Other than that if I can inspire a young person to be the best person they wanna be along the way….then cool. Nothing else matters. #CrazyDeacon #BlackBatman. I didn’t mention fab uncle murder the lox etc…cause they have nothing left to prove they flew the torch. They are all legends in my book. Last shoutout of the day and then it’s back to sneakers… Kay SLAY AND FUNK flex. Keep it NY all day. That’s 100.

Never hold ur words 4 no 1. Their nvr worth It. Most of y’all niggas choking from hiding who u really R. Haha.. Live a lil niggas die a lot. I didn’t disrespect. Bt if you wanna think I did. Do what you feel is best. Either way I lose no sleep for being real. NY doesn’t support Ny. Black Dave….Troy Ave….Dave east….SmokeDza…Joey badass… Artist who keep it NY and get no support. AM I LYING? Future Run NY radio. Action Bronson Flatbush zombies..must I keep naming NY artist tht get no support.Elliot more famous than all these niggas. That’s fucked up. Lastly I’ma always b da nigga with the teeth who can’t rap. momma paid. But you can’t never say I didn’t keep it real. #CrazyDeacon