Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Justin Bieber – Journals (Tracklist)


Beamber Biebs’ Music Monday series may of ended last night, but that doesn’t stop the new music from coming. On December 16th (and only lasting until January 2nd), he’s releasing a compilation titled Journals. Journals will feature all 10 of the Music Monday’s singles, plus five new tracks featuring Big Sean, Future, & Lil Wayne. Also included are three different videos. Biebs and his team are really doing it big on this release.

1. Heartbreaker
2. All That Matters
3. Hold Tight
4. Recovery
5. Bad Day
6. All Bad
7. PYD feat. R. Kelly
8. Roller Coaster
9. Change Me
10. Confident feat. Chance The Rapper
11. One Life
12. Backpack feat. Lil Wayne
13. What’s Hatnin’ feat. Future
14. Swap It Out
15. Memphis feat. Big Sean
16. All That Matters – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s Believe Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils Of Promise Journal Video

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