Bring It Back: The Understudies – Bananas f. Tonedeff, Cunninlynguists, Cashmere The PRO & Oktober [2004]

The Understudies

Let’s take it back to 2004, the New York underground scene was very active with conglomerates like Def Jux running the city. Another big clique was that of the QN5 camp and they had ties to Freshchest Records. That’s where this trio from New York got their start. The Understudies were composed of 6th Sense, Frequency and Mr. Tibbs (Not to be confused with
Mr. Dibbs). 6th Sense is now notable for being Outasight’s tour DJ as well as a great producer whose credits include the new Tanya Morgan album. Frequency is the man who produced the new Eminem smash hit with Rihanna among plenty of other records. This is where the two first started. This song is the B-side of this 12″. This track featured Tonedeff, Cunninlynguists, Cashmere The PRO and Oktober (of 2 for 5), it’s a great hidden gem. And I figured it was a great time to give this song to ya’ll since Tonedeff drops a new EP tomorrow.

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