Beyonce Reveals 2 Singles From New Album; First Week Sales Projections


Sorry, yes, more Beyonce. But this is some interesting stuff. Billboard revealed today that Beyonce has choosen the first two singles from her self-titled album, and also we have the first week sales projections (which is really only three days).

‘Drunk In Love’ has already hit Rhythmic & Urban (Hip-Hop & R&B) stations after last night’s release (I already heard this twice while I was at work), and her Pharrell produced and Ryan Tedder and The-Dream written song ‘XO’ is hitting Top 40 radio stations at the top of 2014.

The album is currently on pace to sell near 250k copies in a three day period with iTunes sales only. That is really insane, and it’s great to see this for the music industry. Very healthy dollars being made.

EDIT: WOW. Billboard just revealed that Beyonce has soared past her projections, as in the first 24 hours of the album being released, she had over 400k in sales and is on pace to sell just under 700k by the end of Sunday. CRAZY.