malbin’s Top 10 EP’s of 2013

After not even thinking about doing an EP list last year, I bring you my top 10 EP’s of 2013. My criteria was pretty loose; obviously, retail EP’s are on the list as well free releases, but some of projects on here could go either way in some people’s eyes. But who cares, this is my list. My classic commentary is on here, but the real fun comes in with the mixtape’s list. Without further talking, check out the my top 10 EP’s of 2013. And for those of you that aren’t aware of what an EP is, it is called an ‘extended play’. It is longer than a single, but shorter than an album, and is often created by new artists on major labels to get their feet wet in the mainstream world, or experienced artists that are giving their fans a treat between albums. Or, you could be a new artist with a low budget that you can’t create a full album, so this is all you got.


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