Wake Up And Check Out: Could Snootie Wild Be Next Up?

I just recently stumbled upon a few of Snootie Wild’s tracks, and I can already see that he has the potential to blow up nationally. Although he just released his official, debut music video “IDGAF” last week, the Memphis MC has been generating buzz this past year with his song “Yayo,” which has generated 259,867 views on YouTube despite not having much of an online presence. These grassroot type movements (thinking Chief Keef) always catches the internet by surprise, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see Snootie Wild being covered more heavily in the upcoming months.

He immediately reminds me of Future, but his loose flow accompanied with the humor prevalent throughout his catchy rhymes distinguishes Snootie beyond being classed as ‘just another Future clone.’ Take for example the opening bars from his hit song “Yayo”:



All I know is Yayo

Hit the block, I mold it up

and form it just like Clay-Doh

And if you try to rob me, leave you holey like bagel

And this block I never let go (Why?)

Cause I say so!”

Lines so damn ridiculous, but so is his flow. With an energy that reminds me  a bit of a slightly more tame Gunplay, Snootie Wild has an infectious style to him, and it’s one that makes you want to recite his music bar for bar.

I’m not sure about the status or details behind his deal or anything, but it seems like he’s currently under Yo Gotti’s CMG Label; it should be noted that Gotti was on the “Yayo” remix, and Snootie Wild is also currently listed under the CMG roster here.

Keep an eye out, you might just be catching the beginning of 2014’s next rising star.

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