TNGHT Splits Up

All signs are pointing that the production duo consisting of Lunice and G.O.O.D. Music’s Hudson Mohawke TNGHT are breaking-up. If you head over to their Facebook page, you’ll see that they changed their profile picture to a moon with the description ‘until next time…’ as well as releasing a video that says ‘until we meet next time’. Also, the TNGHT page is posting in the comments of the new posts the links to Lunice & Hudson Mohawke’s solo Facebook pages. A fan posted the comment below and TNGHT also liked the comment:

With the description “until the next time we meet” and links to Hudmo and Lunice’s fb/soundclouds/twitters. Along with the title “waning moon” I think its safe to assume that this is an end to a project. The “trap” style that they helped pioneer has become a whole different monster, and I for one am glad that they are smart enough to duck out tastefully rather than put out something that they don’t 100% support. Best of luck in future endeavors LUNICE and Hudson Mohawke.

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, but it’s definitely unfortunate. The two created some damn good music, but when half of a duo gets signed to Kanye West’s Very G.O.O.D. beats imprint and the other doesn’t, you should of known that this was coming. Personally, I like Lunice a lot more, but both are pretty incredible and I believe their solo careers have more potential then their career as a duo did.

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