Spaceghostpurrp – The Winter’s Mine (Mixtape) (Instrumental)

The Winter's Mine


Spaceghostpurrp dropped a new instrumental tape Monday, and it’s interesting to say the least. Since successfully emerging on the online scene in 2010, Purrp’s career has been overshadowed by his rap beefs rather than his actual music; polarizing might be just be the best way to describe him.

And yet, you will not find many people who will say he’s a bad producer. Having been a part of the memorable crop of creative, online-based rappers of ’09-’11, Spaceghostpurrp is releasing music that still standouts in the industry. Although it seems more and more likely that Purrp’s antics will prevent him from ever realizing his real potential, his dark, southern influenced music is still a treat to listen to.

I’m also sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m still hanging onto the hope that some rapper of note will go over these beats, because it’d be a tremendous waste otherwise.

LINK: Spaceghostpurrp – The Winter’s Mine (DatPiff)