malbin’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

10. Kevin Gates- Stranger Than Fiction

stranger than fiction
Released under Bread Winners Association via Atlantic Records (Buy Here)

Yup, Kevin Gates released two projects this year and both of them made my end of the year lists for their respective categories. The Luca Brasi Story was good enough for #12 on my mixtapes list, but Stranger Than Fiction was a more polished project that showcased Kevin’s talent in a compacted format. The production on Stranger Than Ficition was a step up from his mixtape and it felt like Kevin saved some of his better melodies for this retail release. While his love life and street life are still common topics throughout the project, you get a deeper look into Kevin Gates, with him speaking on his ruined relationships and a closer look into his depression. While his sheer honesty and refreshing hooks were nice to hear, the project was still missing a little something to move it up higher on the list. Oh, and that ‘Satellites’ remix with Wiz Khalifa didn’t help, but that was a bonus track that I act like doesn’t exist.