malbin’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

8. Wale – The Gifted

the gifted

Released under Maybach Music Group via Atlantic Records (Buy Here)

I will NEVER understand the hate that Wale’s music gets. Ever. I can understand why people may not be a huge fan of Wale’s personality and his reactions, but if you were Wale and you had to take the shit that he has to, you might do the same thing. The ironic thing about all that hate is transcended to Wale is that most of it comes from fans of Kanye West. Somebody explain that to me, you know how to contact me.

Onto the album, The Gifted really sounded like the album that Wale wanted to make. I actually watched the albums 20 some minute long documentary and you could just see Wale played a part of EVERYTHING in the album. No phoned in beats, hooks, or verses. They were in the studio and Wale told them what he wanted. Hell, Wale even produced a whole track by himself on this album, and it sounded pretty damn good. Wale’s hit records sounded like that, hit records and they actually fit into the complexity of the album. ‘Bad’ may of been heavily overplayed on the airwaves, but my lord was that a good ass single. ‘LoveHate Thing’? Don’t even get me started on that. Sam Dew and Wale KILLED that track and I am disappointed that it didn’t do more damage on the charts.

The most impressive part of the album was the story telling that Wale crafted. Tracks like ‘Golden Salvation’ where Wale speaks on the view of a Jesus Piece in today’s day in age, or ‘Bricks’ where Wale speaks how cocaine can destroy a community yet he still plays devil’s advocate in the song on the movement of that Miley Cyrus. Or how about his perspective of how the media has taken over people’s minds on ‘Gullible’? The Just Blaze produced ’88’ and ‘Black Heroes’ are fantastic ways to finish off The Gifted, and Wale let his fans know that The Album About Nothing with Jerry Seinfeld is still on the way before the album officially ended, and I think any rap fan get excited for that.