malbin’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

7. Shawn Chrystopher – The Lovestory LP

the lovestory lp

Released under Honor Role Music Group via RBC Records (Buy Here)

You already know. My mans Shawn Chrystopher released his ‘debut’ retail album this summer with The Lovestory LP. While the 15 song album (deluxe is 18) only featured 11 new tracks (including the intro and three interludes), Shawn Chrystopher was still able to piece together updated versions of some tracks off his lovestory mixtape & mesh them in with some new records to create a damn good album.

The production on the album was handled by Shawn himself along with his Honor Role Music team, and they really killed it. Despite being a native of Inglewood, California, the album features an ambient heavy sound with bits of the classic West Coast sound on tracks like ‘Palm Trees’. You can definitely hear some influences from Timbaland throughout the album, as he is Shawn Chrystopher’s mentor, and he also produced a bonus track titled ‘Biscayne’ which is an absolute slapper.

Topic-wise, Shawn Chrystopher weaved through a flurry of topics, such as minding his business, self-investment, working hard, racial profiling, and of course a little sum-sumthin for the ladies. I swear though, I’m gonna need Shawn Chrystopher to perform ‘Nobody On This Earth’ on my wedding day. That track is seriously one of the realest tracks I heard this year & that if I ever reach that point in my life with a female, or if I just need entrance to a girl’s box with low morals, I’m playing that song for her. One of the fondest memories I will have from summer of 2013 is me whipping up three eggs with bacon and green tea while bumping The Lovestory LP on Spotify before I head out to the gym. Did that five to six times a week for a few months. And just know now, Shawn is about to have a HUGE 2014. You didn’t hear it from me.