malbin’s Top 10 Albums of 2013

6. Tyler, The Creator- WOLF

wolf official cover
Released under Odd Future Records via SONY/RED (Buy Here)

Goblin was probably one of the biggest disappointments for me in the past five years. I was really expecting Tyler, The Creator to come through with an album that was more like this one, Wolf. Wolf not only fully showcased Tyler’s progression as an all-around artist, but also showed the respect that fellow artists have for Tyler, The Creator. When you have artists like Pharrell, Nas, and Erykah Badu willing to offer up their assistance or permission to use their voice without charging for it, that’s something incredible. Not to mention, Tyler turned down Kanye West’s offer to appear on ‘IFHY’, and not too many people are turning down Kanye West appearances. The rapping on this album wasn’t extremely spectacular but Tyler’s concepts and production sure as hell make up for it. Let’s not forget what Tyler did to the internet when he included the snippet to ‘Bimmer’ at the end of the ‘Domo 23’ video. Everyone was going CRAZY, and if you ask me the track definitely lived up to the hype & is arguably the pinnacle of his career.

There are definitely still signs of immaturity that can’t quite be covered up completely by Tyler’s incredible artistic ability, but Wolf was about 15 steps in the right direction after I felt like Goblin was a few steps in the wrong direction.

(Bimmer starts at 3:35)