Common Announces New Album Entirely Produced By No ID ‘Nobody Smiling’

At the top of 2013, Common promised us a new album, EP, and mixtape for us. 365 days passed, and Common dropped NOTHING. I was disgusted, but of course my hype is back after he announced that him and No ID are dropping a new album titled Nobody Smiling this year. Hopefully album number 10 is a 10/10, and with a duo like Common & No ID working together, that sounds like it can work.

“2014 will one of my greatest times in music,” Common promised during a sit-down with REVOLT before a recent show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Why is he feeling this way? Well, Common is actually prepping the arrival of his 10th studio album, Nobody Smiling-a title that stays true to enriching his troubled hometown of Chicago.

“I feel excited about the project that I’m working on. It’s called Nobody Smiling and it’s an album that originally I was making an EP but, we’ve just been making a lot of songs-myself and No I.D.-and I liked the direction,” he admits.

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