Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Goes Platinum

yeezus artwork FINAL

Lets get this cleared up because it seems like some people are still confused on the gold/platinum situations. The only way your record goes platinum is if the RIAA certifies it (in the United States). The RIAA is not based on sales. It’s based on shipments. So, to date, Yeezus has shipped over one million copies in the United States, thus making it go platinum. To date, Yeezus hasn’t even sold 650k copies, and J. Cole’s album Born Sinner has still sold more copies than Yeezus. I’ve seen so many Kanye stans on KTT obsess over this that I had to clear this up. Need another example? Wale’s Ambition album was deemed gold by the RIAA on August 13th of 2012, but as of today the album has yet to sell 500k copies (its at roughly 485,000). So, there’s a little knowledge for you to kick to your homies whenever this discussion ever comes up.

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