Party Supplies Confirms “Jericho” Project With Alchemist & Action Bronson

Action Bronson Party Supplies

Thanks to Hip Hop DX for this information. Check out the details below.

“We went out to LA with [Bronson] last month—me, him, Alchemist, and Sean recorded an entire EP of material under the name Jericho,” Nealis said. “Jericho may be a project that we drop, that’s really under-the-table, no one knows about that yet. Jericho may just be like a multi-genre, no label EP that may cross genres from Hip Hop to Electro to ‘80s Pop. We may bridge the gap with that actually, because some of the stuff we recorded for that, one of the songs sounds like a late ‘80s Smokey Robinson record and shit. And then, there’s some Surf Rock on there that sounds like the Beach Boys and Bronson’s rhyming on it. Alchemist made the beat. We rented pianos and keyboards. We rented a Wurlitzer, we rented a bass, we rented a few guitars and shit. We recorded a lot of original material that kind of has a very Electro sound and we’re calling it Jericho.

“We may bridge the gap with that. In terms of me and [Action], he understands the music that I’m making, he’s one of the biggest supporters, he saw what I was doing. People will start to realize what I did there soon as we put out more material and just play more shows and shit.

“Like The Black Keys, they blew up in rock and had a few rock records out, and then they went on and used that leverage to call up Raekwon on that BlakRoc shit. Which is cool, but it’s like, I got my feet dirty in Rap for many years, and I been in this shit for many years, only after I found a little bit of success with Rap that I got enough confidence to drop the Tough Love record, which is the opposite of what the Black Keys did. There’s really never been someone who was kind of like starting out doing stuff with Rap and made a name for themselves as a Rap producer and then went ahead and put out an album that sounds like fucking—I mean I don’t even know, it just sounds like pop. The only way I can describe that album is pop. There’s no dreary melodies, it’s super to the point.”

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