Lorde’s ‘Royals’ Tops Urban Radio Charts


Hopefully I am not the only one that sick about this. This week it was announced that Lorde’s hit single ‘Royals’ achieved #1 status on it’s fifth different radio format with it taking over the Urban radio charts this week after previously owning Alternative, AAA, Top 40, and Hot AC. What makes this sickening is not the actual song, because it’s definitely a solid record, but the fact that a 17 year old white female from New Zealand that made her song as almost a parody of urban culture has her record supported by urban DJs that allowed the record to propel to number one on the charts. In Chicago, they only play the Rick Ross remix of the song, but regardless, I don’t know how its acceptable. Urban radio won’t accept somebody like Mac Miller or a plethora of other artists but they will accept Lorde? Nah, b. By next week, YG’s ‘My Nigga’ should surpass her record, as the record moved up to #2 this week and is only 5 spins under ‘Royals’.