Macklemore Says That Kendrick Should Have Won The Grammy For Rap Album Of The Year

Macklemore Kendrick

Macklemore uploaded this photo to instagram, a picture of a text that he sent to Kendrick Lamar saying that he really felt that he robbed Kendrick of the Grammy for best rap album and that Kendrick deserved it for GKMC. mMost of the hip hop community felt the same and it’s just more solidification that the Grammys don’t know rap and they never will. He’s still the same guy that made music with Zion I, Cunninlynguists, Grieves, Geo etc. Heck, Budo is even on tour with Macklemore in the horns section. I’m still happy for the man for winning 3 Grammys. I never would of thought a couple of years ago even though I even proclaimed on here when “Can’t Hold Us” dropped that it was a hit if the proper money was put behind it.

EDIT: Video added of Macklemore speaking with Hot 97 on why he believes Kendrick should of won but also stating reasons why he did win.

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