A-Audio Headphones Review

a-audio headphones

The good people over at A-Audio Headphones sent me a pair of their headphones to give a test, and man, let me tell you, these things are some SERIOUS headphones.

In 2014, aesthetics play a huge role into everything people own. That is especially true in the huge world of headphones. A lot of people will buy headphones based off their looks & reputation, rather than their sound (I’m looking at you, Beats by Dre users). A-Audio has the best of both worlds with their first line of headphones, which feature Italian & Swiss inspired designs, creative features, and most importantly, breathtaking sound quality. If you allow an average music listener that downloads their music from YouTube downloaders a chance to give these headphones a try, they will have an eye-opening epiphany on how to listen to music.

I want to head straight into the amazing features that these headphones have. My favorite feature they have is their 3 Stage Audio Technology. The headphones have three different audio levels: Audio [[email protected]+/-3dB], Active Noise Cancellation [[email protected]+/-3dB], & Bass Enhancer [[email protected]+/-3dB]. The first level is the Audio level, and that level is extremely convenient for traveling and casual listening, as it does not require batteries. That’s a crucial feature of these headphones, because they realize not everybody is going to be carrying around AAA batteries with them every moment of their life. The second level, which is the ANC, does require two AAA batteries, but my lord it is worth getting the batteries for. Imagine if you took 40 away from Drake. Would Drake still be good? Yeah, but with 40? He’s great. That’s what the ANC level does to these headphones. I primarily listen to urban music, so turning the Bass Enhancer level on just gives songs that extra thump that sometimes you really need to hear. You can listen to ‘Blood On The Leaves’ with Apple ear-buds and struggle, or you can put these headphones on the Bass Enhanced setting and prosper.

The headphones also feature dual jacks, which allows you choose which side you want the four foot cable to be on. It also allows your friend that may of forgotten their media device to plug their headphones into your headphones to let them listen to what you’re listening to in your headphones. How dope is that? The headphone set also comes with a mic cable cord, which is ideal for Apple users. The headphones come along with a spacious travel case that features a slick, alligator skin looking exterior.

Sound-wise, A-Audio provides you with a clean sound no matter what type of music you listen to. You could put on a ballad from John Legend like ‘All Of Me’ and then seamlessly go right into ‘My Nigga’ by YG, and the headphones will give you the maximum potential out of both songs without changing settings. I have experienced both ends of the stick with headphones; headphones with too much bass and headphones that leave you with dying for more bass, & A-Audio has ended that problem with the various settings given to you with their headphones. I could go on into unneeded details about how good the sound on these headphones are, or I could just tell you that you are not going to find better sounding headphones with an equally as pleasing aesthetic on the market. Period.

a-audio headphones 2

All in all, if you are in the market for high quality headphones, I think A-Audio headphones should be your choice. With their luxurious aesthetic matched with a perfected sound at under $400, you can’t really go wrong here. Head-over to the A-Audio website to purchase a pair!