Wake Up & Check Out: Danny Winter – The Prolific Story Of Danny Winter (Mixtape)

the prolific story of danny winter

If you are looking for a VERY interesting project to listen to, Danny Winter made that for you with his mixtape The Prolific Story Of Danny Winter. Hell, this is practically a free album quality wise. The project features 12 songs that were entirely produced by Danny Winter, & the production alone is worth all 35 minutes and one second of your life. The production is full and sounds like an unpolished works of somebody studying under G.O.O.D. Music. Want to know why that’s an awesome compliment? This is Danny Winter’s first project. Dive into this project by listening to ‘Hunger Pains’, ‘Cage’, ‘Fantasy Dreaming’, & ‘Ferrari Dreaming’. Plus, that double track outro is glorious. Be on the lookout for this kid.

DOWNLOAD: Danny Winter – The Proflic Story Of Danny Winter (Mixtape)