Outkast: Is A New Project Necessary?

Outkast is scheduled to headline Coachella, Governor’s Ball in NYC and multiple other festivals throughout the course of this year. This year also marks 20 years of Outkast which means more than likely there’s a “reunion”, “comeback”, “20th anniversary” album coming this year.

Which begs me to ask the question most of us are silently asking ourselves: do we really want an Outkast album in 2014? Do we, honestly as fans want that? Let’s take a look at why it’s probably best if we don’t get an album.

Remember the rumors flying around during the Speakerboxxx/Love Below sessions of how they couldn’t be in the studio together for extended periods of time without serious issues between them? Now let’s fast forward 10 years…do we really think those issues have been resolved? Outside of a few loose tracks have they done anything together since Idlewild to convince that those issues are solved?

I mean lets say that they’ve settled their personal differences. Are they still on the same page musically? Hell are they even in the same book? We all know that they both can still rap there asses off ( 3k on “Sorry”) (Big on “In  The A”). The question is can the do that together for a full album? The last “official” Kast track was a remix of Big’s “Lookin For Ya”. Who’s to say they don’t do another Speakerboxxx/Love Below deal?

One more note, maybe just maybe they did settle their personal differences. Maybe they are on the same page musically. None of that means that they can make an album that lives up to the standard that they have set. No Outkast album sounds dated, sounds like another Outkast album or sounds like anything out at the time. Hell Stankonia is still slightly before its time. So all of that presents another set of problems.

So when you take a step back and look at things you gotta ask: is it worth it? Does the fan in me that grew up on Dungeon Family want a new Outkast album? You damn right. That same fan in me wanted that Goodie Mob album that dropped last year too. I regret that one. I just don’t want to see the same thing happen to Outkast. Only time can tell tho. Hopefully, no matter what can we get some Big Rube skits please?

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