M.A.-R.S. Company Winter Items

red1 LQ

This winter, M.A.-R.S. has been releasing a solid line of items to add to their collection, with beanies, crewnecks, and a newly released long sleeve shirt. The beanies were embroidered just for M.A.-R.S. Company, and features three different colors (black, grey, & red). Along with the beanies, M.A.-R.S. company also released a crewneck which features a light blue pillars filled with diamonds outside of their logo. In the past week, M.A.-R.S. Company released their Gold Signature Long Sleeve shirt, featuring glossy gold over a baby blue long-sleeve shirt. On the wrists of each arm, you the letters “M.A.” & then “R.S.” appear, as well as three bars, two gold and a white in the middle, right above the elbow. On the front, a glossy gold box of gold is outlined and crossed with white, and features their logo in the matching baby blue of the long-sleeve.

You can view more pictures below, as well as access their social media accounts and store below.

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