Rick Ross, Pharrell, & Ashanti First Week Sales Projections


This week, three big releases from urban cornerstones (or two with a former one) were released. Rick Ross is projected to debut #1 with Mastermind, with projections of 145-160k albums sold. Fantastic number for him, especially since his most successful single in the past few months didn’t appear on the album at all. Pharrell’s second solo album G I R L is going to be a long-term seller, but it’s only projected to sell 85-90k it’s first week. With ‘Happy’ being platinum as well as the number one record in the country, and an album full of potential hit singles, Pharrell will be eating good. Ashanti released her album Braveheart independently with help from eONE for distribution. That album is set to sell 18-21k first week, which is definitely respectable.