V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphone Review

v-moda headphones

Opening up the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 box subtlety gives you a glimpse of what to expect right from the get-go. Cracking open the leather covered button leads you to pulling out the black, compact shell shaped case carrying the headphones. Inside the case brings you to the headphones, along with two braided cords & a gold plated ¼-inch adapter.

Aesthetically speaking, the M-100’s are immediately appear almost ‘fashionably intimidating’ in how durable they look, and subsequently feel. The headband is made with ‘steelflex’ & can be bent easily, and can reportedly be dropped ’70 times’ according to V-MODA. The exterior of the headphones are compromised with metal and a minimal amount of plastic, and they also give you an awesome option of swapping out the metal plates on the exterior of the ears for different color-waves (available for about $25 a pair). Personally, I have the black on black ones and they look sleek as can be. The headphones offer dual inputs, which seems to be almost a new standard for over the ear headphones these days. Don’t let the metal scare you though, these things are very light and the band & ear cups offer great comfort for long-term listening.

To me, the M-100’s are more targeted towards people who are out and about a lot and want headphones that look nice but also want that quality sound that every pair of headphones should deliver (if only). The sound quality on the M-100’s are surprisingly clear and leaves you satisfied no matter what music you listen to. With myself being more urban-orientated, the M-100’s offer perfect range to allow you to truly feel those funky, simplistic bass-lines from DJ Mustard to a ballad from R. Kelly. I am no audio engineer, so going into steep detail on the upper mid-range volumes are not my cup of tea. But, I can sure tell you that these headphones will be like upgrading your YouTube rips to iTunes quality m4a or 320KPS without actually changing the files. Even with my own tracks that I have in the highest sound quality available, I can hear them redefined in the M-100’s compared to my other pairs of headphones.

The one, and possibly the only thing that these headphones are missing is that ‘punchy’ hit of bass. Don’t get me wrong, if you listen to ‘Sh!t’ in these headphones, you will definitely feel the bass Mike Will Made It laced on that track, but it’s just missing that little extra thump. It’s almost a contradiction too, because at times the bass overwhelms you with the M-100’s but not in a good way. I hate to compare these to the A-Audio headphones I reviewed, but when I needed that extra ‘punch’, I just flipped a switch and I had it. Like I said, comparing at ‘home’ or studio quality headphones to the compact, mobile-ready V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones is unfair. It’s like comparing the lyrical ability of Kendrick Lamar to Future; obviously they are in two completely lanes and comparing them makes no sense.

If you are interested in purchasing these headphones, head to the V-MODA website, or you can simply find them at various other retailers like Amazon.

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