Cambridge Audio Minx: Go Review

cambridge audio minx go

In 2014, it’s almost a must that you have wireless speakers to correctly enjoy yourself outside of the house. Let’s face it, your iPhone/Galaxy/etc doesn’t have the sound quality that you need to turn up correctly when you are chilling by your pool, or out at the beach. Thankfully, my summer was saved after I received the Cambridge Audio Minx Go, a wireless speaker by Cambridge Audio.

Feature wise, the Minx Go features damn near any feature you need for a speaker. On the design side, the speaker is small and compact, weighing only 2.4 pounds & is 9.3″ x 4.8″. The back and top feature a white, glossy finish, while the speaker and top & bottom supporting it is covered in an industrial grey. The speaker also has a fold-out support stand in the back, which will keep your speaker stable no matter how loud you play your music. At the top of the speaker, the power button is located in-between the volume buttons, and the power button has a blue LED light built in (there are also LED lights built into the back for charging purposes). In the back, the speaker features an input panel on the left side, featuring USB charging port, a 3.5mm Aux input, and the power outlet. The Bluetooth capability includes a range of up to 33′ & can remember up to eight devices, though only one can be used at a time (obviously). The most important feature of the speaker, though? It’s 18 hour battery life, which can be charged back to full strength in only two hours, which can either be done by a power outlet or by the USB port in the back of the machine. Incredibly convenient.


What is inside this small machine is two ¾-inch titanium dome tweeters, dual two-inch ‘woofers’, and the rear-firing bass radiator plate at the back. It also features a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) that helps produce a full, rich sound. Also, a rigid, acoustically optimized cabinet minimizes unwanted vibration to make your music sound even better.

For me, I have used and will continue to use the Minx Go while I am pretty far away from it (as you should with wireless speakers), so pinpointing the slight problems it has would be a bit counter-productive. Lets be honest: you probably aren’t going to buy wireless speakers just based off sound quality. You look at the features it has, and then the sound quality comes next. You already know how many features are packed into this speaker, but man, let me tell you about the sound. For how small it is, this thing packs some SERIOUS sound. You would expect the speaker to be probably double or triple the size, but with the dual two-inch ‘woofers’ inside here, you can hear (and feel, if you’re close enough) the bass packing out of the speakers. With me obviously being more of an urban listener, the extreme amount of bass that is put out from these is exciting. I have been using the speakers mainly through an aux cord, but when I have gone through Bluetooth (Samsung Galaxy S III) & pulled up some tracks from Spotify, the speakers picked up the song easily & the resonated a clean sound. For the low price and all the wireless features, you are already getting quite the bargain for this speaker.

While Cambridge has other models (Minx Air 100 & 200), the Minx Go comes in at over 50% off compared to the other two, and give you just enough of what you need, with some extra bass, for only $179. This speaker is a near essential for me, & I could imagine it being the same for others as well.