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Inglewood artist Shawn Chrystopher has been an artist I have covered since Fashionably-Early started (& supported WAY before that), & today I proudly present to you an exclusive interview that I conducted with him. After the release of his last project The Lovestory LP, which was executive produced by Timbaland, Shawn went a silent until the beginning of this summer. After dropping a flurry of remixes and a few singles, his brand new project Summerlove is set to drop tomorrow. Summerlove will be the first of three projects that Shawn will release this year, so you can expect an avalanche of quality music from Mr. Chrystopher throughout the rest of the year.

In the interview, Shawn & I talked about his reasoning for remixing older records, the Lakers, producing, what he’s been listening to, and much more:

You announced that you were releasing three projects this year, with the first project Summerlove releasing on August 12th. Are you planning on spreading the releases out throughout the rest of the year into December or just getting them out as soon as possible with a proper rollout?

SC- I hate to start the interview off this way but I can’t really tell you man. It’ll all play out how its planned, but the element of surprise is what excites my fans and gets them going to help spread the movement.

What do you want people to get out of all the music you are about to drop the rest of 2014?

SC- That no one on this earth can do what I do. No one sounds like me, no one can tell these stories like me. I’m a one of one. People will see that more and more.

What inspired you to release a string of tracks over some classic instrumentals?

SC- I knew I wanted to warm people up. Not give them the 100% Shawn Chrys production and verse until they were fully focused and payin’ attention. All the dope beats that are currently out are played out because everyone is rapping over them. So I said ‘fuck it’, and found some 90s beats and went it.

If you are planning to continue to release tracks over older instrumentals, I hope you tear up Bilal’s ‘Fast Lane’. I could see you killing that Dr. Dre beat.

SC- That’s a dope record I might have to now.

On your song ‘The Credits’, you said that all your beats are for you & that ‘ya’ll aint even trill enough’ for a Shawn Chrys beat. It’s been about three years since that song was released; is anyone trill enough for a beat from you now?

SC- Ha! Nope. Its crazy people forget that I make beats because I don’t try and sell beats. I just make my own. I like working with myself because I always know what I want. Easy working relationship.

I remember being hyped to see you open for Big Sean nearly three years ago, and I have been dying to see another performance from you since then. Do you have any plans of touring the rest of this year?

SC- Oh I’m definitely goin’ on tour. I’m doin’ a small independent fall college tour, but the type of the year you’ll see me on something big. My fans gonna really be proud of the kid.

Looking back in your discography, is there any one project/song that you are supremely proud of above the rest?

SC- Everything is equal pretty much. Except I guess ‘One of My Homies.’ I love that song.

What music have you been listening to lately?

SC- Old 2 Pac and old Outkast.

Realistically, how many games do you think the Lakers are going to win this season?

SC- Man I have no idea. But I’ll watch all 82.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to pick up Shawn’s new project, Summerlove.

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