Monday, November 29, 2021

Indelible MC’s (Company Flow, Breeze Brewin & J-Treds) & More Perform At Fat Beats (1997) (Video)

The Indelible MC’s is one of, if not THE greatest hip hop supergroups of all-time that unfortunately, never released more than a few tracks. This was back in the late 90’s, in the absolute height of underground hip hop. With Fondle ‘Em, Def Jux and Rawkus all awaiting their creation, the cats behind the talent were sharpening their pens and Fat Beats was one of the hubs for it all. On this day, a lot of talent came in to spit some rhymes. Of course, the Indelible’s were there to perform “The Fire In Which You Burn”, off of Company Flow’s classic album Funcrusher Plus. In addition, Queen Herawin (of the Juggaknots), Wordsworth and Ill Bill also dropped some bars.

Thanks once again to DJ Eclipse for the awesome footage of El-P looking like the stereotypical irishmen with a beer in hand while he spit his rhymes.


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