Mary J. Blige Reveals New Album ‘The London Sessions’

mary j blige

Mary J. Blige went out to London to get a fresh perspective, and that freshness crafted up a new 10 song album titled The London Sessions. Mary J. Blige recorded the whole album out in London, and worked with people like Sam Smith & Disclosure for the album. Mary had some words to say about recording the album below, and you can expect the album to hit stores in November. This will technically be her second album of the year, as she recorded the full soundtrack for the movie Think Like A Man Too.

“Our idea was to become part of London, to really embrace the culture – to really live in it. Not that I haven’t been here before, but I’ve never had the chance to really soak in it the way I have this time. To make records [“rekkits”] from the London-scene perspective.” What is that exactly? What does she think London has? “Freedom,” she says. “The music is free over here the way it used to be in the States. Artists are just free to do what they love. Listening to the radio you can hear the freedom. The music is living and breathing – you can hear that from Adele’s last album. It was massive – a big deal. But she did what she loved.”