ILOVEMAKONNEN Reveals Writing Songs For Miley Cyrus & Mike Will Made It

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ILOVEMAKONNEN is about to explode after his deal with OVO Sound. But after an interview with MTV News, it appears as if ILOVEMAKONNEN is going to work behind the scenes as well. ILOVEMAKONNEN has already stated he has worked with Mike Will Made It before, but today he revealed that he has written songs for Miley Cyrus that Mike Will has produced. It sounds like these songs are huge, so shout out to him for getting the opportunity. See what he has to say about the songs below:

“I got a song with her — wrote a few songs for her,” he said. “Working on her new album. Doing some stuff with Mike Will and her. It’s almost like a Grammy nomination song, because it’s kind of heartfelt, and almost country,” he added. “It’s gonna be deep when it comes out. It’s definitely not like the clubby type of poppy record. It’s more like a real timeless, heartfelt record that’s gonna be picked up in movies and sh–. Girls are gonna cry over their ex-boyfriends to it, and the same for guys crying over their girl.”