Lil Kim – Hardcore 2k14 (Mixtape)

Lil Kim

I didn’t think I’d be posting this new Lil Kim mixtape but I was inspired. By what? Her incredible lyricism. Lyrics like “We got all bricks like Shaq at the free throw” and “I go off on tracks like derailed trains” made me post this. Thanks Twitter for telling me how amazing this is. JOKEESSS

1. “Intro”
2. “Stadium Music” feat. Yo Gotti
3. “Identity Theft”
4. “Real Sick” feat. Jadakiss
5. “Trendsetter”
6. “Migo” feat. TLZ & Young Bonds
7. “Whenever You See Me” feat. Cassidy
8. “Work the Pole”
9. “Suicide” feat. French Montana
10. “Dead Gal Walking”
11. “Kimmie Blanco”
12. “Haters” feat. B Ford

DOWNLOAD: Lil Kim – Hardcore 2K14