Yarrow Slaps – Dreams of A Sheep Herder (Mixtape)

Yarrow Slaps

Here’s the latest mixtape from San Francisco’s Yarrow Slaps. Hosted by Mishka, Dreams Of A Sheep Herder is 17 tracks of mostly new tracks (‘Thank You’ being the only exception I could pick out) with features from members of the Go Gettas, as well as a surprising feature from Equipto.

I’m not quite sure why this tape is labeled as ‘New York’ on the Mishka page, but I would say that the ‘alternative hip hop’ tag might fit this tape a bit better (although maybe not as alternative as other tapes hosted by Mishka..). It’s not similar to any of the sounds currently popular in the Bay Area (function, mob, or cloud rap), but I have the tendency to liken Yarrow’s style as being something like a modern rendition of the older, more lighthearted music of the Hieroglyphics collective.

Download here.

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