Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Punchline Announces His Departure From eMC


Punchline, formerly 1/4th of the group eMC took to Facebook today to post this:

Sorry to inform you, but I am no longer a part of eMC. To everyone in Europe expecting to see me on stage next week and next month I will not be there nor will I be on the forthcoming album. The group decided to move forward with out me , totally not my call. Thank you for all your support thus far musically and I hope you keep supporting me moving forward. I do not like to dissapoint the fans but this is out of my control and i wish the rest of the members the best on their journey.
I am currently back in the studio working on a new E.P. be on the look out for the Lower East Side Story coming soon.
Minor set back for a major comeback. No one can stop me but me.

I’m as surprised as you are.


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