Monday, November 29, 2021

Jodeci Announces 1st Single in 18 Years ‘Nobody Wins’ With B.o.B


This is dope news. For the first time since 1996 (18 YEARS!), Jodeci is FINALLY coming back with a new single titled ‘Nobody Wins’. While the song does feature B.o.B, we hope that Bobby Ray can go back to his old ways and bless this track the right way. The news was revealed to YahooMusic!, which also has quotes from the members and is something you should definitely read. Be sure to check back soon to hear the single.

“Nobody Wins”‘ chorus exhibits Jodeci’s signature lush harmonies and the soulful music bed takes a more mature turn for the group. The ballad’s synthesizer chords and kick drums draw refreshing, old-school R&B comparisons as the lyrics call for peace in relationships. They sing, “Nobody wins when we fight, fuss, and argue,” and Atlanta rapper B.o.B contributes the song’s verses.


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