K. Michelle – ‘Maybe I Should Call’ & ‘Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart (Artwork & Tracklist)

anybody wanna buy a heart

K Michelle is returning to the music scene with her new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart on December 9, and today he reveals the artwork, tracklist, and reveals a brand new song ‘Maybe I Should Call’. If you look at the tracklist, you’ll probably in interested in the track ‘Drake Would Love Me’.

1. “Judge Me”
2. “Love ‘Em All”
3. “Going Under”
4. “Cry”
5. “How Do You Know?”
6. “Hard to Do”
7. “Maybe I Should Call”
8. “Something About the Night”
9. “Miss You, Goodbye”
10. “Build a Man Intro / Build a Man”
11. “Drake Would Love Me”
12. “God I Get It”