Jaden Smith Releases New Album ‘CTV2’ Via App

The Smith family has had a pretty busy day today, as Willow Smith‘s 3 EP hit digital retailers, the New York Times released their Jaden & Willow’s first joint interview, and now, Jaden closes the night out with the release of his new album CTV2. The album is featureless and boosts eight tracks, and apparently Kendall Jenner is a fan of this album, if you care. Want to download or stream the album? Well, you’ll have to download Jaden Smith‘s brand new app below to do that.

DOWNLOAD / STREAM: Jaden Smith – CTV2 (Album)

1. Fire
2. Keep Ya Love
3. Zoned
4. Let it Breathe
5. Young & Reckless
6. Electric
7. PCH
8. Symba