Artist Spotlight: Marc Haize

Trust is one of the most important things that you can attain in life. In music, you subconsciously put a lot of trust into artists on many levels. There are some artists that you just fully trust, and I have many of those artists, but Gerald Walker is easily at the top of that list. Just based on the quality of his plethora of releases, I have full trust in whatever he cosigns or does in music.

Where am I going with this? Well, I am headed right to OSAT Music‘s latest signee, Marc Haize. Marc has a very interesting back-story, which will be touched on in our interview with the artist. Find out more about the Houston native below, and you can also listen to his latest track ‘Toronto’ right before you begin reading the interview.

How does it feel to link up with Gerald Walker & OSAT Music?

Its really cool. I feel like this will be a huge learning experience for me as an independent artist and I’m very grateful.

You used to be a member of a group named II-XX. Was leaving the group and becoming a solo artist very difficult?

It was but it allowed me to grow musically. It has been a burden taking on so much responsibility on my own but well worth it. I still rep for my II-XX crew and plan on expanding the brand over time but in the meantime the focus is Marc Haize

You seem to sample or drop many 90’s references in your songs, but you also rap over some newer, progressive production. Would you say you are still trying to find your sound, or you are just showing your versatility?

To be honest its a little bit of both. I feel like the 90’s brought about some of the best music and sometimes I like to relive those glory years through my music but at the same time I want to do something new hence the progressive instrumentation. I’ll quote artist of that era often to pay homage as well as entertain listeners who are fans of the same music I grew up on. I also like to show my versatility simply because I don’t want to be confined to one genre or sound, I feel that puts me in a box and creates limits to my creativity. I just want to make great music,

I see you used to play football at University of Houston. What position did you play, & what teams are repping?

I played cornerback/safety because I was too small to play linebacker lol. I am a huge Detroit Lions and Houston Texans fan, Hopefully before I die I can see these two in the Superbowl together but that’s just wishful thinking

What is your opinion on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, etc?

They definitely allow independent artist to be heard by a larger audience. Of course it’s a good and bad thing that listeners are able to stream albums for free but from my end I’m just trying to be heard. I’m sure Taylor Swift has a different opinion.

Name one dream collaboration that you would love to create.

Its difficult just naming one but I’d really like to work with Kanye some day just to see the dudes creative process as well as learn how to make some epic instrumentals.

What kind of music have you been listening to lately?

A lot of R&B and soul from the 90’s to recent. I’ll go from Toni Tone Tony to Justin Timberlake. Some trap music every once in a while because I love the bass. I’ve mostly been listening to a lot of indie artist out of the whole Soulection movement. Childish Gambino‘s latest album was pretty dope too.

What can we expect from Marc Haize in the future?

“Keep Up The Good Work” is my next project.

Fill in the blank: When people hear the name Marc Haize, _____.

Think of great music and sexy awesomeness.

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