Premiere: Femdot – King Dilla (FreEP)

malbin: We started covering you at Fashionably-Early when you were 15 years old. How do you think you changed since then?

Femdot: I find it super dope that you guys have been with me for so long. But a lot has changed honestly. I’ve really got more comfortable with my voice and my sound. I’ve been through a lot more and have a lot more to talk about haha.

For your new project King Dilla, you opted to have no features & have the project entirely produced by your frequent producer Charles Laust. Was that decision made prior to starting the project, or is that how things just ended up?

King Dilla actually was a year long project. I didn’t know until December of last year what exactly I wanted to do. But I did know I wanted to keep it in house, just me Chi (Charles Lauste), and no features. I wanted to show my own growth and express my own emotion.

Obviously, you never know how people are going to react to new music, but what is one or two records you think are going to get the greatest response from King Dilla?

I think the songs ‘Kinglish’ and ‘Crossroads’ are the two songs people will grasp too. ‘Kinglish’ embodied the whole “alter ego” that is King Dilla and ‘Crossroads’ is a real personal story of mine that I hope others could relate too.

Why did you decide to only drop one song from the project prior to its release?

I dropped ‘Top Gawd’ with Go Ill, but I kept everything else under wraps because I want to surprise people. People who have been listening from Femdelacreme to now, or even ATCF if they been with me that long, will be really surprised. I think. Because I surprised myself when I was recording it.

To you, what will make King Dilla a successful release?

As long as it releases, it will be successful. As far as I look at it, as long as I gain one new listener or one person realizes my growth, I’m cool. I didn’t really set expectations, or set numbers to hit. I really just want someone, anyone, to see the progress. If that happens I’ll keep pushing.

You have worked with some buzzing artists out Chicago like Martin Sky & Alex Wiley in the past. Are you hoping to work with anybody else in the city soon?

I mean yeah, I mean the city is really small, especially when you are an artist. I’m sure I’ll bump into some more people and do some stuff. I’m always down to work. However, if I don’t, it’s fine. Me and my GRWYF$ friends make pretty good stuff together.

Last year, you attended Penn State, but you are back in Chicago now attending DePaul University. How was it like, & what made you come back to Chicago?

Penn State was completely different then Chicago. A College town full people from the east. It was weird but cool. I met some really cool people who I felt like I will be friends with, if not forever, then a really long time. But being there wasn’t helping me musically, at least not to my liking. I talked it over with my family and decided I need to be back in the city to do the whole education thing and still do music like I want. I mean I am glad I was there though, I learned so much about myself. I went through so real dark times, some really happy times, and had some dope realizations about who I am, musically and in life. So it was cool.

What is one song you would recommend a new listener to listen to that isn’t on King Dilla? (I’ll link the song under your response)

Hmm. I would say either ‘XVIII’ or ‘Red Line’ on Femdelacreme. Those are really important songs to me.

What is does your average Harolds order look like? Are you a mild or hot guy?

6 Piece, extra mild sauce, slat and pepper. It’s damn near disrespectful to put just hot sauce on a six piece.

You are a good man.

Thank you. Chicken is damn near my life I must not disrespect it.

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